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What swimming skills are necessary to join swim the team?

6 AND UNDER: Swimmers must be able to swim 25 yards of freestyle and 25 yards of backstroke unassisted.

9 AND OLDER: By nine, most swimmers on a competitive team should be familiar with certain basic skills and know how to train in a group environment. If a swimmer is new to competitive swimming after 9 years old, the coaches need to assess if they are far enough along to keep up with their peers. Some of the skills they will be looking for are a basic understanding of the 4 strokes (butterfly, freestyle, breaststroke, backstroke), streamline and how to dive. For practice, it is helpful for swimmers to be familiar with how to circle swim and how to read a pace clock. Coaches will work with any swimmer close to eligibility.

It is our goal to ensure that swimmers get the appropriate level technique and training at each stage of development. These decisions are made by the coaches. Please respect their expertise.

What is the practice schedule for summer like and when is it released?

The summer team practice schedule is not finalized until registration is complete. We usually post the previous year's schedule as a "guide", however, you should not make plans around that schedule as it may change depending on registration numbers for each group.  Just like any other rec sport (baseball, basketball, soccer to name a few), the practice schedule is released prior to the start of the season. Please understand, there is a lot of coordination involved with having 200+ swimmers.

Does my swimmer have to attend every practice?

It is important that swimmers attend workouts as often as possible. We recommend maximum attendance for a number of reasons. If swimmers are serious about improving, they need to make a commitment to workout. Workouts will prepare swimmers for the meets and each workout should move them closer to their goal.

Does my swimmer have to attend every meet?

Meets are not required, but are highly encouraged because we are a competitive swim team.

What are the times of the meets?

Swim meets are scheduled on Saturday mornings and Wednesday evenings. On Saturdays, swimmers typically check-in around 7 a.m. and meets end around 1:30 p.m. On Wednesday nights, swimmer check-in is typically 4 p.m. and the meets end around 9:30 p.m. If you have a parent job obligation to fill, you may be expected to be at the meet before the meet start time or stay till the very end so be sure to confirm your exact arrival and completion times.

Are there additional costs associated with the team after registration?

Once your swimmer is registered, they will need a team suit and cap for meets. Swimmers will also need fins for practice, goggles and practice suits (team suits are not worn for practice). 

Many of our social functions are free, but some do have a cost associated.

If your swimmer is invited to attend an invitational swim meet, there is usually a “splash fee” to attend.

What is the parent commitment?

Sea Devil families must earn parent credits during the season (final number is determined after registration). Aside from the requirement to work at the VSA Championship and any Invitational meets their swimmers attend, families may volunteer for any combination of social jobs and meet jobs in order to fulfill their commitment. Certain jobs require training or a higher degree of trust or experience and may be pre-assigned. Be aware that some jobs may fill up quickly, therefore, we cannot guarantee that everyone will get all their first choices.

What is the parent commitment fee and when is it charged?

If you pay by credit card, you will see a $500 conditional fee (in a gray box) in your cart.  This fee is only charged if you fail to fulfill your parent commitment as outlined in the Handbook.  Once your parent job credits are fulfilled your fee will be "released". 

What if we sign up for the swim team and my swimmer doesn’t like it? Is there a Cancellation policy?

We retain a $50 administration fee, per swimmer, if you cancel before March 15th. No refunds after March 15th.

Can my swimmer swim down in a lower age group?

It is our goal to ensure that swimmers get the appropriate level of technique and training at each stage of development. Groups may be shifted to give the best quality coaching to each swimmer. These decisions are made by the coaches. Please respect their expertise and know that the Danville Sea Devils reserves the right to place swimmers in age groups that are the most appropriate for the swimmer and the team. If a swimmer is moved to a different practice group, they will still compete in their age group based on their birth date with June 15th as the cutoff.

What are spring and fall clinics and who is eligible to participate?

Spring Clinics give swimmers a chance to review the basics and get ready for the regular season practices. The program emphasizes proper stroke technique, starts, reading the clock, circle swimming and breath control. The 4 week program will focus on a different stroke each week. 

The Fall program at Danville Station is open to all swimmers beginner to experienced. This is an extension of the summer recreational Sea Devils swim team. The program is designed to offer more extensive training with a focus on technique and increased intensity within each group. 

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